Introducing the Beach Umbrellas Collection

Oh, beach umbrellas…. They truly are where it all started for me, which is why the release of this collection feels so special. Back when I first decided to seriously dedicate myself to my art and see where it led me, I began with a 100-Day Challenge: create 100 paintings in 100 days. They would need to be small if I had any hope of achieving my goal, and they would need to be fun if I was going to stay motivated. And so, the Beach Umbrella Mini was born.

Spoiler alert: I failed the challenge. Around 60 paintings into my quest, I found myself wanting to branch out and explore other subjects — larger pieces that would take me longer than a day to complete. But the seed had been planted, and my true underlying goal had been achieved. I had successfully formed a habit of painting every single day. In the months that followed, I went on to paint other things, but I never strayed too far from my original beachy inspiration… shore birds, tropical fish, even my florals have a bright, sunny vibe to them. Every once in awhile I would come back to the mini’s, whenever I needed a little break.

Over time, a common thread started to reveal itself in my work. I realized that my goal as an artist is to share my delight with the world around me, and I do that by telling a story with color and pattern.

It was only a matter of time before I would take what I learned from painting those other subjects, and apply it toward my original muse. With this series of beach umbrella paintings I aimed to keep the style loose, similar to my florals. Even though the umbrella is a precise geometric shape, I didn’t want mine to feel rigid or forced… I wanted them to feel relaxed and fun - just like I do when I’m at the beach!

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