Introducing the "Coral Florals"

When I first set out to paint a new series of florals I thought they would be very similar to my previous floral artwork, but it turns out the pull toward marine life was too strong! I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between greenery and sea kelp… between lilies and starfish. I had to play and explore the possibilities!

I began by using familiar layering techniques - I laid down a base color and messy, drippy tones that would eventually become the leaves in the background. Then I built up the “bouquet” elements with loose shapes and gradually added detail.

This collection also provided the opportunity to experiment with new mark-making tools. I found myself asking, “how can I make bubbles?” (Answer: bottle cap.) And, “what tool would make the circular pattern on a starfish skin?” (Answers: brush handle tips, pencil erasers, and even the spongy tip of an ear plug!)

The result is a set of “floral bouquets” purely from my imagination. Perhaps I am a mermaid at heart! They were a lot of fun, and I hope you like them! Now, it’s back to fish and turtles for me...

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