Introducing the Shore Birds Collection

Nosy Neighbor and Feathered Friend

I’m happy to announce that my latest collection of paintings, Shore Birds, is now available! Working on this series was an exploration of new color palettes and techniques for me. It also was a challenge to work in such a wide range of scale, with pieces ranging from 12”x12” to 36”x36”.

Why Birds?

To be honest, I’ve never really considered myself a “bird person” in the past. I don’t have any pet birds, I don’t own a pair of binoculars, and heck I don’t even know the names of most of the birds I see daily. But a few years ago, I moved from Wisconsin to south Florida, and I became fascinated with the local flora and fauna. All of it was so different than the Midwest! At one of my favorite hangouts (the beach) birds are a regular form of entertainment. Their unique colors, and movements… so graceful in the air and quirky on land. And oh my gosh, their personalities! I just love watching them, and since I love to create art that makes me smile, these shore birds were the perfect muse. Take a look at the collection, available as originals and prints, and let me know what you think! I hope they make you smile, too.

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